Uganda's BJ 50


Looks like a ferrari. They dream big. Nyinyi kenyans you left dreaming cars to that class 6 drop out wa BJ 50.

It looks like it’s laughing.

Like Mazda CX5.


There’s nothing Ugandan in that car. Scan tupu

You may be right, but still they’re the engineers of the kayoola bus

Still there was nothing Ugandan about that bus. Ilikua scam

Really? Explain that to me.

Are you saying there is nothing Japanese about the Land cruiser because they copied the American jeep?

Its a start, even if they’re importing some of the parts, ni sawa. Jobs are being created for the local fabricators. Hata distance ya hizo grills sio equal, but at least wamejaribu compared to our BJ50 smokie cart.

I am really struggling to understand your point. What exactly are you trying to pass across?