Ugandan police arrest presidential aspirant, deliver him for nomination barefoot ! Seriously ???


Ugandan police officers on Tuesday arrested Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential aspirant Patrick Amuriat before driving him to a nomination centre barefoot. According to the Daily Monitor, Mr Amuriat was dramatically arrested by the officers at the party offices in Najjanankumbi, Ssabagabo, central Uganda, where he had gone to pick his nomination papers. The Ugandan press reveals Amuriat was violently arrested and put in a police truck and forcefully driven to the Kyambogo Cricket Grounds where he was expected to be nominated to vie for presidency in 2021.

Mseveni will soon die of a heart attack… the guy thinks he will rule from the grave and beyond.

That’s some crazy shit man :D:D:D

sema wewe better :smiley:


M7 hako tu sawa. Ukiwa President unakanyaga vinyangarika hadi walilie kwa choo.

Museveni should die and vanish

The guy refused his shoes when given to him by the police. He must be having his reasons.

Museveni will never be removed through democratic means. He didn’t come to power through democratic means anyway.