ugandan parliament

We did it first. Remember Moses Kuria and Milly Odhiambo fiasco of undergarments? And Simba Arati eing bitten in the chambers

I listened to Bobi Wines maiden speech, very articulate and composed, hes destined for greatness. The bar has been set for the likes of nJaguar.

The only thing stopping us is our mps are all thieves they always agree because they need each other to fleece the country.


But the differences between the coalitions are becoming wider.

That will change when we send baba home on 26th.

Punda amechoka.

Hehehehe…The Mps narrating their ordeal… One talking of squeezing someone’s private parts hard mwingine they grabbed me and I was walking on space…(sasa hii I’m sure ni ile kutembelea Kwa hewa) Hehehehe

Na ilikuwa mwanamuke? Wueh!