Ugandan Jumper

Shock has engulfed traders at Mabirizi complex along Kampala road after a man committed suicide from the building. 25 year old Deus Kabisire jumped off the last floor of the complex and crashed to death. According to the DPC Kampala Central Police station Henry Kintu, preliminary investigations indicate that Kabisire committed suicide over an affair that went bad.

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This comes less than two months after 26 year old Annet Ashaba from Ssembabule district jumped from the 14th floor at Workers House and crashed to death after finding out that she had been fleeced of money she had sent home from Dubai where she had been working.


Thats just sad, why the heck would you kill yourself because you have been dumped, kwani the “dumper” was the last of her species on this planet

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Love kind of kills commonsense before killing its victims.

ugandan men love deeply.
must be something to do with kuwa hawatae (baganda na wengine i cant recall).
coomer with foreskin intact is at least 2 times sweeter so i hear.
ukiskia utamu hivo then slice giver ahepe pia wewe kichwa(pun intended) itaruka :smiley:

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The say “permanent solution to a temporary problem” what a pity!

[SIZE=5]Guess he really “showed” her ! Idiot ,sasa ameharibu gari ya wenyewe ! [/SIZE]

Mapenzi sio mchezo, Iko wengi wamejiua kwa sababu ya mapenzi