Uganda to import oil through Dar, TZ - they have dumped Kenya

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Sasa Kenya na ni man eat man fucking society, kaundasuitman tax itafall to 20 mirrion akicheza :green_emoji:

The deal will be sweetened by the fact that Ugandan oil will soon be flowing in the opposite direction soon through the same country. Kenya ilitupa mbao kabisa.

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We will tax other commodities that pass through our ports. You can’t run away from a first class economy. We are fixing the handshake

We are where Mzee jomo Kenyatta despite his failures could take good advice which resulted in Kenya having some better policies compared to Tanzania which decided to get drunk with ideologies like ujamaa.

Tumekunywa mvinyo bana,tusidi kuomba na fake preachers and prophets, something good will happen

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Huyu mwizi atamaliza Kenya.

HIV ifanye kazi yake ituondolee hii mbwa

Kenya mko wajuaji sana

Ni Kaunda Uongoman

I thought museveni was also against yule mjaruo becoming president? Enyewe things change.

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Museveni can’t stand clueless fucks.

Concur I have been in those meetings and Museveni is as sharp as hell especially on matters to do with major projects hauwezi kumdanganya, If there are discrepancies he will find out