Uganda President Scathing Speech Calling All Africans a Disgrace for Depending on the West

Omusajja speaketh the veracity of things

Yet he is one of the biggest Western puppets around.

guyz gotta forest in his eye and he commenting. about the log in my eye

He may be undiplomatic. But i support him with the message we should develop ourselves

If only he could do what he preaches.

Uganda’s economic growth has been very good since he took pawa. He has nurtured alot of capacity within Uganda. They have projects to build cars, electric busses. They currently build a large percentage of their amored personel carriers with a view of building them from scratch in future. His efforts to find minerals to expllit yielded oil.

My fren, this guy is the real deal.

He is being smart when dealing with the west. The idea that he is a puppet is misguided.

And this bullshit has fucked Ugandans several times. this idiot is just talking nonsense. If possible the media should be brought down. We do not need bullshit media content. A very corrupt fella

Hehehehe. Ongea na watu kwa ground ndio ujue how they feel about his leadership.

Even Napoleon, when he had been defeated by the Russians and they occupied France for the first time, Tsar Alexander was cheered as he entered Paris. Yet, Napoleons reforms and the central bank etc that he created endure to this day. And Napoleon is revered in France today.

Just because people are unhappy during your reign after being in power for some time doesnt mean that your reforms are not far-sighted.

@Teddy_time is a typical mediocre idiot who preaches African stupidity. Uganda is a shiethole worse than Kenya in every sense.

All he does is admire dictators like Museveni and Ruto. :smiley:

hopefuly people see the message… thats the point

Jinga wewe!

I didnt compare Ug to Kenya. I compared it to itself. When he took pawa, GDP was 3 Birrons. Now iko 35 birrions or thereabouts. 12 fold increase in like 30yrs sio progress?

And for the record, I have been a notorious Ruto basher here. Good thing he is DP only in name otherwise wakina spear wangefika diggs kuniweka Ndani! :smiley:

M7 is one of the few DICKtators left in the world…nuff said

Comparing it to itself is in fact the mediocre stupidity I’m talking about. That improvement was bound to happen.

It is like celebrating the fact that your 8-year-old is two inches taller than when they were 7.

Useless stats.

You are misguided you imbecile. You need look at where Museveni found Ug and where it is today. You cant seriously compare Kenya in terms of development to say UK can you?

Its the same way In Kenya, we compare 2002 to 2012 and realize those years brought massive development.

Truly shallow argument. Prove to me things would not be where they are without Museveni.

His political, social, and tenure records speak for themselves. Why don’t you move to Uganda if you so admire his leadership, idiot…

Malenge tulia. Where did I state I admire his leadership? Work on your comprehension makende wewe.

They would still be in civil war where he found them

ujinga yako is pure. So should I move to 17th century France because I admire Napoleon? Or to 15th century Britain cause I admire Newton? Wacha ujinga wewe.

I want him to take note of your comment which I agree with.
Who needs comprehension now? :stuck_out_tongue: