Uganda on the spot again

:confused:Wanaume wanakua frisked hivi na wanaume police:mad::mad::mad:

Hi Cutie…long time.

Long time too hunk! You’re well?

Yeah, am good my dear…kukuhata tu. Just noticed you’ve bumped into the village clown up there. Let’s keep it private so these fakes won’t kill our vibe. :wink:
[SIZE=4]ion: I must admit it’s been different without you around, glad you’re back.[/SIZE]

Ooooh, he’s Wakanyama’s brother or what??..anyhu, glad to be around.

Phenomenal woman niaje. Bado unapika omena?

Hehe naah, just a psycho suffering from attention seeking disorder. Let’s not waste our time on him. We’ve got some catching up to do. Inbox +1

Poa sana. Omena ukitaka iko kwa wingi, tutapika tu :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Is it kale or Kamba, ‘Kiyana kuya hapa’

Should be a hybrid then!

Even if it’s a woman, that search is very intrusive. Wapewe scanners.