Uganda on the spot again

Hii kazi naweza Fanya for free
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Are you a shemale? Coz that officer is a female inspecting ladies

Tuma tu application :slight_smile:

Female mgani huyo ni mwanaume

Mi natuma yangu nikue nakupea massage complete with happy ending.

Delete ‘happy ending’ :D:D:D

She’s a lady

If I delete you will have to delete the above, then I delete this. And if you do I get caught in a paradox - what instruction will I be following then?

pengine ako na hernia…na sijataja mtu

What if she’s lesbian, doesn’t that amount to sexual harassment in the feminist dictionary?


Lesbian or not, she’s performing her duty. With recent developments weapons can be hid anywhere! We now have bras and panties with pockets big enough to fit dangerous weapons.

So it would also be okay if it was a man doing it?

You can imagine what the men are going through…wanadara dara wanaume wenzao?

Do you see ladies being frisked by men? normal practice?

That is not my question. What I am asking is; Would it be okay if a man frisked women like that because you are okay with lesbians doing it?

Uganda’s govt was formed by rebels. Rebels spend a great percentage of their time in the bush, so they behave like animals. You can take a villager out of the village but not the villager in him… The current crop of Uganda’s armed forces are just carrying on a trend they found engraved among the rebels-turned forces. It is like those Kenyan policemen you find talking with a heavy kale accent yet initially they had a heavy, say, Kyuk accent. They learn these things from Kiganjo.

That would be sexual harassment …hehe:D

It also applies to the leabian.

Why are you grinning at me? Have I made you happy in some way?