Uganda | Idi Amin | Asian Expulsion | 1972

Tears of joy. No one in Kenya has the balls to take such drastic measures against racist fucks.

I saw a video, may be it is this or another one, in which Amin says it was the only chance to do it, if he didn’t do it then, Uganda would never get another chance. He was right

You can see how disrespectful they were even in the video, when they were allegedly “in fear”. One of them says Africans don’t have brains and another says Idi Amin is a madman. Telling that to a reporter while still trapped in a country controlled by the said madman is either extremely arrogant or stupid.

Chutas have a huge self entitlement issue. BTW what were they doing in Uganda and Kenya? answers on a post card. They got a big shock on arrival. Their kids are now boring us with videos of how they suffered racism and I wonder why did they not go back to India?
And when you meet them, they never ever say they are from India. They say they are from Kenya or Uganda.

Hawa watu should be chased away from Kenya wapeleke hio ufala yao India.

all indians are proud to be inidan but none of them wants to live in india … they are not partriotic to kenya or any country they live in , they keep their money in their houses and rarely mingle with pple … some don’t even speak kiswahili and live like foreigners… hawa watu watupwe nje…

Wahindi ni maghasia.

Kuna mwingine nimemfanyia kazi. Alilipa deposit amekataa kumalizia balance.

Indians believe in caste system which enables them to look down on fellow Indians depending on where they fall in the caste…now imagine wewe mwafrika…ALL of them don’t give a f*ck about you.

Shikana na 130 kgs of pure arvs @Motokubwa he knows what he has to do.

wazungu pia watupwe nje

Indians were planted by the British to be the oligarch class that’s why you find them in all commonwealth countries, their loyalty is to queen.