Uganda has started manufacturing armored military vehicles - M7 amefanya kazi buana


to enable Ugandans fight Ugandans more effectively,

Ugandans have also manufactured other kinds of vehicles.

I predict that if we go to war with Somalia ,Uganda will profit heavily

Very good!

Nani tailor was Museveni? Huyu jamaa hunifurahisha sana na izi oversized suits.

A step in the right direction. Most of today’s everyday products have a military background. From disinfectants to lanterns.

BMW, Mitsubishi, Jeep all played a great part in the 1930s/40s and eventially World War II

Ingekuwa heavy farming, factory, and medical equpiment ndio ningesema sawa…sasa besigye bobiwine na wananchi congo and possible rwanda waanze kupakana lube vizuri vizuri.

Uganda is also doing buses - locally manufactured…

Manufacturing or Assembling?

Assembling & Fabricating.

Manufacturing bado. The design looks Turkish or Austrian

Ndio nashangaa, can someboby post those manufacturing lines. Angusha documentary kama hii.

There is a thin line in-between for bonobos.

Its actually South African based on Twiga’s “Nyati” APC through a transfer of technology agreement run with a Mercedes engine.

M7 akili yake haifanyagi kazi beyond military mentals. This is the most creative he could get.

Ushawahi kufikiria pesa nyingi sana ziko katika military equipment na kuzitengezea Uganda ni kurahisisha kupata biashara tele afrika nzima maanake kuna vita sana afrika kijumla.
Huyu jamaa anafikiria mbali sana.
@Antonio Mascaro

The Ugandan army has said kwa hio tweet that “the vehicle was fully designed and manufactured in Uganda”.

Who should we trust - the Uganda army or a cattle rustler deep in kapedo?

Fuck off bruh … U for real.Your better than that man. You know as well as I do that’s not the case . Such statements are intended for local consumption an audience; to boost population pride n patriotism and morale for soldiers.

Uganda Chui variant.

"The Chui IFV requirement came from Impala Services and Logistics Limited, a Uganda defence company, to which Twiga Services and Logistics proposed a variant of the Nyati armoured personnel carrier (APC), which was unveiled by Twiga in August this year.

Uganda’s variant of the Nyati is designed to meet the harsh conditions of Eastern and Central Africa. The Chui variant is being built in Uganda under a technology transfer agreement to further contribute to the growth of the country’s defence industry. Variants of the Chui include a mortar platform, recoilless gun platform and battle field ambulance.
South African Nyati APC
The Nyati is powered by a 7.2 litre six-cylinder Mercedes Benz diesel engine developing 240 kW (322 hp) and driving an Allison automatic transmission, giving a top speed of 105 km/h and road range of around 850 km with 290 litres of fuel. A central tyre inflation system and run flat inserts ensure critical mobility.

Twiga has a long history of collaboration with Uganda, and in 2011 the Uganda People’s Defence Force contracted Impala Services and Logistics, sister company of South Africa’s Twiga Services and Logistics, to design a Mamba class armoured vehicle for manufacture in Uganda. In 2012 the first two Nyokas were supplied for operational evaluation. In 2013 the manufacture and assembly of the Nyoka began in earnest in Uganda under a transfer of technology programme through the Armoured Vehicle Manufacturing and Assembly Facility at Maga Maga.

Under a Transfer of Skills and Technology Programme, Ugandan technicians have been trained in armour welding, pneumatics, auto-electrical and mechanical skills needed to carry out manufacture of armoured vehicle hulls and the complete assembly of armoured vehicles.

Skills transfer and training is a key element of Twiga’s ethos, and this includes local manufacture, training and mentorship programmes, spares supply, and maintenance and technical support enabling the client to maintain and support its own equipment."
Source: Defence web.

This discussion took place in a number of defence forums and even hardcore Ugandan military enthusiast and supporters agree M7 and his mboyz tried to pull a quick one on us. All in all Uganda defence industry is making great progress especially with armoured vehicles and I believe will emerge as a leading industry player within the region. Transfer of technology is a common practice in defence industry but let’s not confuse it to mean it is indigenously Ugandan technology.
It’s not genius to see the similarities. And the tech transfer is well documented and acknowledge by both sides.

Kenya kitu inatuzuia ni ukora. The rumored Rapid Bus Transport vehicles could have been made in kenya, including engine and body assembly, lakini kumanina fulani iliamua imepata deal tamu south africa and anyway it’s not his money or responsbility to promote job groth and manufacturing in kenya. ile ublary fukin hukuwa africa hauwezi ielewa

Siku ile itakanyaga IED ya Alshaitan mtajua hapo hakuna APC.

Finish that rustler parmanently kiongoss