Uganda central bank warns on defaced currency

Bank of Uganda (BoU) has advised members of the public to only accept notes with features designed by it and not any other person or institution.
This essentially puts a ban on banknotes that have been written on or defaced in any way.
“The Bank has noted with concern the several social media postings circulating images of Uganda’s currency notes with hand written political campaign messages. This is to advise

Interesting campaign tool…

what if it were m7s name on the notes? would the CBU issue the same statement

Mbona Kenya hatujawai fikiria hivi…very ingenious!

of course NO. The rulling government controls everything including the decision of the central Bank

Was asking myself that same question. Advertise on Money.

Nishaifikiria but the product I was pushing was too niche to be spread by messages written on bank notes.


Are you one @Flashgordon formerly of Ke,,list and graphic designer of sorts?