Ugali versus chips


Hi ni kama ile vita ya 130kg of blubber and his tiny friend…

UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic a Caucasian

WBA and Lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury Caucasian

Heshimu ngumi ya mzungu, just because umeishi kwa shida ukila ugali na chumvi doesn’t mean you are the better fighter utapigwa na mzungu uite nyanya yako

Siuende upigwe combi ya Miocic na Fury juu unawamezea mate. Hizo nguruwe bure kabisa. Fury has 3 championship fights and one of them a supplementary. bure kabisa. White hype.
Wilder & joshua are the heirs of the pugilist specialist himself.

That looks like they were in Westminster. Regardless…since they did not bother covering their face, they had best wait for a knock on the door. MET wanakuom. Mambo imeenda seuth haraka sana.

Wilder had nothing on Fury. Fury dismantled him. I would advise him not to exercise the rematch this year. He needs to change his style.

People want wilder not to rematch so that the british can hoard the belts. If he doesn’t exercise the rematch they will never fight him again after all there will be no obligation to do so. Rematch is coming and Fury is sleeping.

It’s fine. But Wilder needs to work on his technical skills. Even in the fight prior to Fury he was loosing. The knockout punch rescued him. All Fury does is stay to his right. That forces Wilder to pivot wide and left to throw the punch. Fury sees that coming all the time and has enough time to miss.

Ortiz, a better boxer than fury outboxed wilder in two fights just like many others. The right hand will land this time and Fury better carry a pillow with him.

It landed in the 1st match and he woke up

You are a bigger fool than Wilder if for 12 rounds you will fight waiting to land one punch, while your opponent is landing punches.

Wilder can’t and won’t beat fury even AJ can’t beat fury

:smiley: Undertaker , niliheshimu huyo mzungu from then henceforth. Hata Mike Tyson alisema huyu mzungu ndio the real deal

Black man has conquered all other famous sports like boxing, basketball, golf (tiger woods), Olympic marathons, etc…

It’s proven time and time again that they are on average…faster & stronger

Panulia bonobo wenzako fury na wilder mkundu bila kusumbua

Tombwa na gypsy.

hiyo media station is deliberately stocking a race war. Cant blame them though, they are not revealing anything new, they are just pealing back the veil of the problems of multi-culturalism. It is a chance for the west either to embrace real multi-culturalism or keep applying deodorant on shit and hpoing it dries up and stop smelling

Katombwe matako na wazungu shoga umbwa koko

Wazungu have to use guns and advanced weapons to defeat black people. Every time a mzungu attempts a one on one against a black man the mzungu ends up on the ground. The black man is stronger better faster

The greatest boxers of all time: Mohamed Ali, George Foreman, Joe Frazier, Sugar Ray, Mike Tyson are all blacks.

Boss, mbona ulisahau hawa? Ni juu ni blacks?
[li]Light-heavyweight Champion: Jon Jones (26-1-1)[/li][li]Middleweight Champion: Israel Adesanya (19-0)[/li][li]Welterweight Champion: Kamaru Usman (16-1)[/li][/ul]