ugali, maji moto na harufu ya nyama for the kids

and yes thats a garbage container

Shitty Africa

vile wanaichangamkia ata labda nyumbani hawapati kama io.

That’s beans, no?

Noma sana, si wangeweka hata kamboga bana

Hiyo ni maji ama ni supu ya beans?

Saa hii peasants wanaumia sana. Government should start a program of ensuring kids have at least two heavy meals in public schools wazazi wajisort. I really hate seeing children suffering because some poor bonobos decided to breed. No kid should sleep hungry or eat garbage.

the lucky ones wanapata atleast beans mbili, most ni maji moto tu

“Hakuna Mwanaharamu, kitendo ndicho haramu”

Let them breed. Though I pity the suffering innocent souls. The irresistible urge to be recognised as a parent is misleading the POOR.

blame the parent’s voting decisions

After 2002 wakenya have no excuse, squarely responsible for all their problems. Politicians want to keep kenyans poor because poverty will cause mkenya whose prosperity was stolen by politicians of the past to accept a 50/- bribe so that they can steal the prosperity of kenyans of the future.

Educate people around you to vote wisely

The guilty are always afraid

Educating bonobos on how to vote wisely is a really uphill task even if they are gratuates

Not sustainable. Social programs rarely work in poor societies. They are just an avenue for grand theft and wastage. Think kazi kwa vijana, free maternity, pesa kwa wazee, fuel subsidies, drought intervention etc.

#wajackoyah the 5th atatatua hii maneno yote.

Halafu utasikia yule mwizi wa ardhi akinena, “It was not 21 billion but 7 billion that is in question”.

We need to adapt the Chinese model of the death sentence for the theft of public resources. Some people will shape up and tow the line in lightning speed.

Ngori sana. Hata Jela wana serve better food.

Kids are sleeping hungry in these hard economic times. Especially in low income families. If you can reach out and help a kid somewhere, this is the high time.

The money meant to build dams to grow their food was stolen to buy 5 helicopters for one thief. The African man’s brain needs to be reconfigured, aamue mara Moja whether he wants to remain kwa miti kama nyani or to join the rest of humanity. The level of theft and greed exhibited by these politicians is insane.