UG Police VS International Media

Would an indeginous Ugandan get away with talking to the police like this…in the States try to confront and talk to the police especially in the big cities this way na utajionenea mambo…Maybe in UK and other European states ndio cops huwa na PR

Ps @admin hii embedding inaniletea error kila saa

Of course an indigenous Ugandan would have seen hell had they tried that, but that is a cop who knows what he is doing, unlike the idiot behind who unholsters his rifle but can’t shoot! See how he is in control. Walking in measured steps, no stopping, calm. He knew he was being recorded and he can’t touch a white skin just like that, (or could he?) With the bungled election, the government would not want to rile whiteys more over non-issues like that. So he had to walk.

Mimi siwes kubali kuongeleshwa hivyo na imperialist. I would break his jaw, turn it into an international incident in one fell swoop.

Walk like a boss