UFO's & Aliens Sh*t

Do you believe in aliens?
Personally I’m not convinced zimefika on our planet, however there are some very compelling videos released by pentagon in the recent days/months zinaweza fanya mtu yeyote akuwe convinced.

My question is, could there be some military tech advanced enough to engineer insane aircrafts that don’t obey the laws of physics?

I’m asking coz juzi usiku nikitoka job I saw some weird sh*t in the sky, i thought niko mavitu till I asked watchie wa plotie yetu if he saw the aircraft and he confirmed he also saw it. Ilikuwa inafanya some insane flight gymnastics in the sky then it flied away in lightning speed (Even in my imaginations hakuna jet inaweza fly at that speed then change directions randomly) it looked metallic as far as I can tell and it was huge (like 10 normal sized Boeing passenger airplanes zikiwa zimeshikanishwa) it formed a skewed rectangular shape and seemed heavy af. No sounds or exhaust emissions I was left wondering kama nimechizi. It showed up for around 30seconds, did some crazy flips, then shot away like a damn bullet, ni kama movie I swear.


Cool story

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If I heard someone else aki nishow hii ilihappen, ningemshow ateme jaba, but it is what it is.

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Aliens exist.Shida tu ni ukiona pekee yako nobody will believe you.Our galaxy is very tiny relative to the infinite universe that is constantly expanding there is absolutely no way that we are alone.There is a telescope in the orbit that was able to locate a city of lights in a planet several million light years away.That is only one that the telescope discovered.How many more are out there?


You didn’t have your phone camera nearby?

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Min omolo, link ama title ya hio documentary pris

Ilikua ma area gani?

crazy to thiink at that moment ilikuwa inakaa ndoto or hallucination I didn’t even think about phone camera or anything, it hit me after. In the moment, I was just like wtf this sh!t can’t be real.

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  • there are possibly millions of Earth type planets that orbit Suns ( Stars ) across the Cosmos.
  • the possibility that life forms similar to ours can be found is not beyond reality - and they will likely be more advanced and developed to our own.
  • Science generally is always evolving … 200 years ago supersonc flight and landing on the Moon was the stuff of dreams …
    Now , it is reality … :rofl:
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facts :100:

In kenya i here the sightings are mostly around the rift valley escarpment na area za limuru during extreme foggy weather some folks have sweard seeing big aircraft floating aroung with no noise…weard stuff ehhh. Check the below link of one sigting dont know if its legit or not though.


Siwezimind kupanua cheeks za alien nilambe

Check out a guy from Switzerland named Billy Meier ,his stories and evidence will surprise you. Also read the book of Enoch The Ethiopian, tafuta Ethiopian bible


as long as they dont take our kungurus am fine. They should waste no time taking gheys like @PHARMACY