Ufisi has no boundaries (lifted from Craigslist)

Hey there,

I’m an accountant by profession and presently doing Bcom on part time, at a private University here in Nairobi.

Am 32 yrs, healthy (medical screening a plus), drug & disease free, handsome and with a humble & pleasant personality.

I want to offer my “seeds” donation to you and make you conceive a beautiful/handsome baby girl or boy depending on your sex preference. I’ll try to maximize the chances of giving you the exact gender of the child you want because nowadays it is scientifically proven and achievable.

A look at my photos (upon request) will give you an insight of whether you little baby angel will be attractive or not.

On a social level, I’m friendly & pleasant to be with, intelligent and able to hold a meaningful conversation be it in the field of business, leisure or otherwise.

Most importantly, I’m fit and in a position to get to every angle to ensure i deliver my sperms to the required “area” inside your vagina, depending on your choice of gender of the baby which you will have preferred.

Lastly, as you know the health of a baby starts from the time the mother is preparing for the sexual intercourse with an aim to conceive, as such I’ll be prepared to turn you into the right mood of “love making” (rushed sex not preferred at all) by maximizing your erotic satisfaction in bed as I make you explode into a myriad of multiple orgasms while blessing your healthy womb with a fruit of your choice.

Let me make you a happy mom with precision, diligence & style never felt before.

I’m ready for medical check up and this week could be ideal to make you pregnant since I’m entirely free.

I’ll share my photos with you when you get in touch.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soonest.

Yours Kind,

Wooi pinkies kujeni nyote :D:D:D:D

@Shiroe @femaleperspective Kujieni sperm-donor

Hehehe wapi @Phylgee . Iko wakati alikuwa anatafuta mjunior

If I ever decide to have a guy “donate his seeds” to me, hiyo seed donation lazima iwe accompanied na mbesha…Vya bwerere viliisha enzi zileeee za Moi…
He should wake up from his slumber :D:D:D.
Niccur really took his time to try and appear all elegant and all… He Berra take several seats …Kwanza anakasirisha sana

madam hio utangoja sanaaa population ya men to women is 1:5

hehehe a hungry fisi

Hi family girl

CID1 nyandua hio ndama ilie mbwata

I do not believe in sex before marriage mdau



That can never be a cause for concern to me

mnyanduano itakumalisa aki…Slow down

Hey there Ice_cube, you good?

Endelea kutupa mtama tunakuona.

I want babies…

You haven’t mentioned about Your IQ. Kindly tell me more. Inbox me if you have to.

ati beautiful/handsome babies??
nyinyi hamjui genetics ni nini??
utapata mtoto kidogo afanane Mavado

Hata jamaa anasema ako flexible he can deliver the semen in any corner of the vagina :D:D

mimi niko ma ciana sio babies, utachukua?