UFC: Heavyweight

What happened to the UFC heavyweight category? Its like its dead completely. No one even talks about it. Its like it doesnt exist anymore. There was a time the heavweight class was mad with talent. It was when it was in its peak performance. Literally it carried the UFC to greater heights. It had amazing fighters like Cain Velazquez, Shane Carwin, Brock Lesnar, Randy Couture, Frank Mir, Mark Hunt, Alistair Overeem, Tim Sylvia, Junior Dos Santos, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Daniel Cormier etc…

Nowadays lower weight classes are proving to be even better than the heavyweight division. The talk of the town is the welterweight division and the lightweight division. Those weight classes have had more memorable matches and main events this year than even the heavyweight division. The feud between current champion Francis Ngannou and the UFC president Dana White have even made things worse for the division…

Maringo za Ngannou pia zimezidi. Amedai atahama aende boxing juu UFC inalipa kidogo. After fight ya Usman Jana alilenga yule jamaa wa France( mwenye at fight na yeye jan) vibaya sana. Ako na beef venye sijui hao wasee walifanya title ya heavyweight ikue interim. Middle weight imekua a pale shado of itself. Overeem alikua anapiga mtu elbow ya kichwa anatoa makamasi ya red banae

Mjaluo @Swansea also known as @Sambam or @Sambamba si akipeleka foreskin yake kwa hio mashindano si anaweza shinda zawadi?

@Swansea Ochollah is capable. He has been driving delivery trucks for the past 23 years. Plus he used to wrestle during his village days in Rodi Kopany, Homa Bay County.

Anaitwa Ciryl Gane. Alijam juu alishow UFC haezi kuwa available August kufight alidai ako available September juu akona visa issues. Middle weight ni Adesanya tu. Hio pia ilikuwanga noma. Enzi za akina Anderson Silva, Chael Sonnen etc…

i didnt know Nganou had issues with Dana, but Dana awache ungati

anyway as long as Nganou ako na belt i dont mind. but what i know ngumi ya mluhya Nganou will put Fury down for 30 minutes

Higher divisions usually lack talent.

Heavyweights are boring to watch and they arent agile or aggressive.

Light heavyweight is also boring and the only real talent I enjoyed watching there is Jon Jones with those devastating elbows.

Naturally, most men fit in the featherweight, lightweight and welterweight divisions. Therefore, those three have a very deep talent pool.

hapo ni kuscrew the wrestlers if you think about it… it should be removed