Will Pereira have a 2nd win over Prochazka and keep his light heavyweight title?



Waah, the last fight, Juri was within a minute of knocking out poatan. But he is too wild, takes too many risks.
This fight 3 rounds tops.

The Gary page fight will be damn good. Will his hit and duck tactics work in the ufc. Kevin holland was totally unprepared for him last time but Ian is 14-0.

Great fight day.

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Poatan doesnt strike to me as an elite fighter. He gets tired too quickly and all his fights he won by mere luck. See how Izzy destroyed him in the 2nd fight.
As for MVP he can cause an upset and end the undefeated streak of his fellow British. Anafaa aache madoido na maringo mingi alikuwa nayo akiwa Bellator.

That headkick was monstrous

Kali sana. Juri fights with no hand defence. He was totally exposed fighting hands down. The punch dropped him too at the end of round 1.

Mere luck? That Brazilian is good . He doesn’t look like he has the power in his punches but I guess his opponents will say otherwise before Israel


That headkick was fire. I never expected Alex to throw one. Jiri should go back to the drawing board.