UFC 294

Can’t wait banae. I’m eager to see how good these fighters from Dagestan are.

Islam vs Volk

Usman vs Chimaev

Shara Magomedov (New Prospect) vs Bruno Silva

Wah Usman loses may be the end of his career. 3 in a row. He was so close to winning in his first loss, it’s amazing how life can change.

And then Ngannou vs Fury boxing on the 28th. How can you have no boxing experience and take on the best in the world. Boxing is the most tactical sports of all.
Fury will just drag him to the 8th and then win 9-12. No need to knock him out.

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Ngannou will make more money than he ever did in all his fights in the octagon, so hana hasara even if he gets kayoed in the first round. Bora mbesha.


If Khamzat beats Usman ni championship material.

They are both wrestlers so that cancels out. They will have to fight on their feet. I think Usman is way better on his feet. I think that’s why he took the fight.

Shara has won. However, he has been exposed. His wrestling and grappling is wanting. Phenomenal striker but questionable grappling/wrestling. If he doesn’t correct that he will have his first loss soon.

Islam amemaliza jamaa wa Rugby na teke