UFC 280

Wadau kesho ndio ile siku.

Islam vs Oliveira itakuwa fight ngumuuu sana. Can’t predict that one.

Yan will beat O’Malley easily.

TJ will beat Sterling.

Beniel vs Gamrot sijui. Sijawatch enough of their fights.

Bullyb will beat Brady.

One more sleep.

Hapo kwa O’Malley sioni kicks zake sio mchezo,

Islam might beat Charles, but am not confident about this outcome. Tough bet.

I’m also leaning towards Islam. Huyo jamaa wa Dagestan sio mchezo buana.


Yan beating O’Malley is a hard one. O’malley has a height advantage and his kicks are top notch. Yan ako sawa tu kwa boxing. I see O’Malley taking this one.


But we must admit, not too much action today(kicks & blows) we will see a lot of ground fighting today.

I dont know why but I hate ground fights. I prefer fights when people are standing with lots of punches and leg kicks.

I prefer the clinch position when guys like Jon Jones or Leon Edwards are landing devastating elbows and knees.

Bullyb ame-KO brady.

Next ni Beniel vs Gamrot. Hii fight itakuwa kali sana pia. Both are super legit.

Yan got robbed!!!

It was a close fight but I thought Yan had the upper hand. TJ angeenda tu home. You cant fight against opponents like Aljermain Sterling with a dislocated arm.