UFC 276 Is Stacked Like

Godamn. I’d really love an Izzy vs Alex fight, but I have this suspicion Alex may not be able to get past Sean (Strickland) if Sean comes to wrestle. But damn, Alex is one scary mother fucker, his arms look bigger than his body. Volkanovski will put Max away for good I hope, cause if Max wins there will have to be a 4th fight, and that’s just a bit too much now, 3 is already too much and Volkanovski is only doing it for the cash. Sugar Sean (O’Malley) will definitely put up a good show. It’s a heavy card

This is a really good card, hiyo press conference nimeskia ilikuwa moto sana.

Nitupie link mdau

Mi nilikua nangoja adesanya na jared canonie, alaaaa???

Adesanya seems to be taking too many fights. A little slip and he will lose. Anyway looks like a decent fight card coming up.

Put your money on Adesanya. I think he is too good for Cannonier.

That is one hell of a stacked card.


Adesanya v Cannonier - Adesanya win
Volkanovski v Holloway - Volkanovski win
Strickland v Pereira - Tricky sana. Pereira win
Lawler v Barberena - Lawler win
Munhoz v O’Malley - May the best man win.

Hall v Muniz - Hall win

bado na digest the Prochazka win . we need him back in two months. anapiga wrestlers bila kutambua ushenzi

I’m having a feeling he may lose tomorrow and I really hate the thought. Adesanyas fights hunipatia tumbo njoto na stress nyingi sana. Hata kama nikuwa fun kama Ile yake na Paulo ilinisumbua akili nikama am related to him.

paulo costa tanguu aanze pombe and missing weight alipigwa vilivyo

Tangu akuwe dry humped na Izzy, he’s never recovered. It was the beginning of his end. Ile fight na Romero ilikuwa vita kama ya bar…murushiana mangumi bila strategy. Paulo ni mkali akipata mtu ana fight vita yake but game ya akili hana.

That was a Masterclass from Volkanovski. How he put away Ortega, Korean Zombie and now Holloway, is the best 3 fight sequence by a fighter I have ever seen. Volkanovski is the best pound for pound fighter in the world. I love Kamaru, but not contest here.