ufc 264

Cards to watch out

O’Malley v Moutinho
Burns v Thompson
Poirier v McGregor III

The omalley fight will not be competitive, I hope to be proved wrong but I wont.

Bam bam vs hardy will be a banger too.

Perreira fight should be interesting as well cause nobody knows what that mf will do next.

This card should be a bang fest.

Poirier takes it, Conor snaps leg

Conor was receiving a pounding. He wouldnt have lasted past round 2. He looked gased towards the end, just like he looked when he fought Khabib.

ufc 264 results


Connor was very emotional, I’m glad he lost. You can’t talk about someones wife like that and say that you will kill somebody in the octagon. This is not the 90’s.

Those heavyweights have some serious KO power. bam bam literally just touched hardy

I have seriously enjoyed watching conor lose very satisfying. ii nyang’au haina heshima ata kwa familia ya watu bwana. At least this way i wont hear about him for the next couple of months.

The guy has lost his mojo he needs to do some very heavy self reflecting

Tuivasa is one motherfucker. He is a Maori if am not wrong