ufc 218

Well MMA enthusiast leo ni ile siku mambo fim atlast UFC 218 is here Holloway vs Aldo it has been hyped sanaa and i think it will be a cracker Holloway is my bet on this i know he will beat Aldo , Aldo after loosing the belt has been given a second chance to regain his belt but the ten years he held it is too long its time the new blood retained the belt

but the best match , non title ofcourse but a precedent to the title , Nganou #4 vs Overeem #1. this is going to be the best fight of the night WE ALL LOVE THE HEAVY WEIGHTS from boxing to wrestling . Nganou is 10-1 our very own Cameroonian, the guy is a beast he has the hardest punch ever in UFC heavyweight division according to the UFC labs machines . his cardio is great , he has improved on his wrestling his punching is the best :D:D:D:D:D:D .

then we have Overeem he is one of the greatest punchers infact in a punching match he is almost comparable to Nganou , his only demerits is he has a glass chin and his cardio is not that good so by the third round huwa amechapa . so in this fight am Behind Nganou . the person who wins the fight gets to challenge the champion Miocic who has dominated the division for sometime he looks unbeatable , but according to pundits since Miocic beat up Overeem he might not be given the title shot even if he won , but we all know he will lose .

next year White as confirmed mzito John bone jones will have a super fight against the 40 more pounds bigger brock lesnar after he called him out :p:p:p:p .

fans munaonaje

hapo ndio hao wasito

[ATTACH=full]142572[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]142573[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]142574[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]142575[/ATTACH]

hapa ndio huyu UFC heavyweight champez miocic this guy is ruthless once inside the octagon


hapa msito light heavyweight champ John Bones


na hapa walee wazito wa heavyweight boxing

[ATTACH=full]142580[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]142581[/ATTACH]



I am a huge fan, probably longer than you. Ule msee natambua hapo ni Jon Jones pekee. The rest are just average fighters. This is a good main card nonetheless. Na sio “John” sewer rat. Ni “Jon” full name Jonathan.

Leo naona uka na mimi, Nganou might KO The Reem, though he needs to be carefull with the Reems kicking tacts, Halloway is just a very good fighter with everything it takes to be a Machine, Aldo is getting slower and slower of late, Nganou might be the nxt champ lets watch it
Menwhile leo Carni we have our own Kenyans, Zarika, Onyi mtu wangu and Rayton Okwiri all fighting against guest oponents[ATTACH=full]142593[/ATTACH]

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I am team Overeem but his glass chin might be his biggest undoing. Either way, it’s a win for fans coz in the event he loses to N’gannou, N’gannou gets to challenge Stipe and that will be an interesting matchup. I hope Halloway wins against Aldo but I also pity Aldo after McGregor ruined his career with the 13 second knockout

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Bouts za belt ndo hizi[ATTACH=full]142594[/ATTACH]

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Saa ngapi? Huyu nganou nliona a short documentary about him, he is a beast



Haikuji KBC jinga jii:D. So zima SQNY yako ulalishe kende

Not sure but huwa naamka 5 on Sunday kuwatch

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The fight is ON right now. SONY ESPN. And its a K.O. Ngannou has won it. 1 minute 43 seconds.

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