UFC 210 Cormier vs Jonson

it was nice though there were ref errors that spoilt it especially the Mousasi fight though it was botched mousasi eventually won by TKO though in an unsports like way . but New york needs to allow the use of video replays . i was sure Cormier was going to outwrestle Johnson again coz he is a natural wrestler and has the endurance , his cardio is on another level , Johnson trying to wrestle the best UFC wrestler was stupid and he shoud have stuck to outboxing him but without cardio he was bound to fail . what i know no light heavy weight can beat Cormier even Manuwa who was daring him . the only guy to beat him is the ineligible unbeaten ex Champion John BONE Jones who was in the crowd uzuri in July he ill be legible and back to reclaim his belt , it is sad the TKO artist Johnson hang up the gloves .