Team ikishinda Europa inaingia Champions… So how’s England taking 7 teams…

{Max slots being 5}
Arsenal washinde Europa league…
Chelsea watoke wakiwa namba 5
FA winners waingie group stages… (Chelsea) nyuma ya Chelsea kuna arsenal…
Burnley ipite ndani hivo …

Then top 4

Manchester City
Manchester united
Tottenham spurs

Hii bangi mnavuta mnaweka nini siku hizi

hii situation ingekuwa hivi

chelsea ichukue CL na itoke namba 10 iko na automatic koalifikeshen
Arsenal ichukue Europa na itoke namba 5 iko na automatic

so top four ikiwa

Manchester City
Tottenham spurs
Manchieth united

England inakuwa na five teams kwa CL coz the fourth team aka Manchieth united itakuwa sacrificed according to FIFA rules .

Arsenal washinde Europa??
msee iyo bangi unavuta ni mbichi bado


Champions League rules were actually revised. Arsenal imetoka Europa so potentially there can be 5 teams from England in the CL (again) next season.
If Liverpool finishes in 5th place (hard but still a possibility as they play Chelsea and some small team) and win the Big ears, the top 4 get in directly( 4th placed team will no longer be displaced by the winner who finishes outside the 4 slots in the league). 4th placed team in England will no longer have to play qualification matches to get into the group stage too…
So Forza Chelsea!!

kwani kijana umevuta bangi na straw

Humbwer hii labda I happen vision 2080

One thing I have noticed, ever since their end of a great run in 2005, Arsenal fans have been the most disillusioned guys in Europe. Yeah, not all fans but of all the teams in Europe, its this team with the highest fan base who yap alot with the most illogical or nonsensical topics/arguments.