UEFA Champions league: Barcelona kamua nyoka priss

Ni hayo tu kwa sasa wadau.

unge cc @gashwin aone chelshit ikikulwa mkia na tikitaka.


@Fisi wish you guys all the best

Here we are again with no strikers

Here I support Chelsea since everyone has already decided they will lose.

Well he’s changed from 5+4+1 to 343


Congratulations Christensen, probably the only academy player to start in a decade and he is right at the centre of defence where he is destined to be. Chelsea might finally have replaced Terry.

In other news Bakayoko is definitely for sale to anyone with interest. Kwanza pesa ya jioni £10 million from his buying price of £30 million.

Mimi bora ipite 1.5 goals ata kama ni ref atazifunga mwenyewe…

Pesa ya jioni :D:D:D

Meanwhile, Besiktas wamepewa red card. You can always trust the Turks to bring their indiscipline along.

Barca 81% possession :D:D


Conte has transformed Chelsea to the defensive old lady called Italy only that they have more black players. The whole team is behind the ball and they move as a team left or right as barca attack. Parking the bus.

Messi anaboss hiyo midfield like a true god of soccer

Chelshit should try and make something… Otherwise wakitoka draw… Return league itakuwa bila lube

Sina TV lakini ni update priss

willian wants to spoil my night!

Messi has been missing in the last 15 mins but he is always the threat. All Barca possession has meant nothing. Chelsea had a great last 20 mins with 3 clear chances to score. Willian hitting both posts and Hazard missing when he had no pressure with the shot. So far so good. Forget the return match, the present means everything.

Woodwork imemnyima twice, I honestly thought Chelsea watalemewa but 1st half imekuwa yao

I like the defensive discipline and counter attacks so far. Possession against Chelsea doesn’t equal success. Hoping for a positive second half