UDAku manifesto to scrap AIRTIME BUNDLES and give free calls - what stupidity is this?

Kumbe kachagua was right that their aim is to destroy safaricom.


These thugs are not good for business.

Its actually possible. If all Telcos are forced to offer their services on a certain frequency, then like Faiba calls could be free.

Free calls = No revenue = Company collapse = No Calls = No internet = Shithole country

Ruto is a liar, a thief and a crook but what he said in that regard was blown out of proportion. What he said, he would install internet everywhere so that people can make calls through the internet which is free. Whether his hekaya would work effectively, it’s a story for another day.

Sooner or later traditional calls shall be replaced by VoIP. Companies depending in traditional calls for revenue have already lost the plot.

Jambazi anatuona ng’ombe sana. Given a chance, he will ask us to feed on nappier grass.

Takataka maumbwa za dynasties think they can enslave us for long.

Freedom is coming in August.

Long live the lion of Sugoi!

Tunarudisha the fake lion back to sukoi on aug 9.



Huyu jama ni chizi saana, Kuna ile time alisema we will be making pharmacitical drugs hapa Kenya, then kidogo anasema wataungana kununua drugs


You would be very surprised how many people will actually vote for him just because of this false promise.

You live in the US right? You have to PAY FOR THE INTERNET monthly to have the connection to either that ISP or phone company w/bundles to make the call say on WhatsApp instead of buying a calling card.

Pray tell how that is FREE? There’s no SERVICE provided in this world that is FREE. What may seem FREE is interconnected to a certain cost somewhere.

In spite of.

Of course that’s true. Anything that’s “free” has a hidden cost somewhere. What I was referring to was his concept and that’s why I offered a disclaimer by saying that whether his theatrics works, is a story for another day!

How is that even possible? Kwani hawana mtu wa mathematics na business analysts kwa hio campaign team? How can phone calls be free yet communication companies use billions to maintain these networks, pay their team and other expenses just to ensure that we have unlimited connection? If he said that they will work out a strategy to reduce service charges or the rate charged on call, this would be understandable. But scrapping it out is not possible. Maybe anajaribu kuingia kwa akili za unenlightened bonobos.

pure lies kama saa hizi Ruto has looted govt coffers , sasa ataweza aje kusimamaisha corruption ? pesa itatoka wapi ?

so zuku, safaricom, na other providers wil go out of business?

Nothing is free, it has to be paid for one way or the other. One can not create free energy out of nothing