UDA won this one

It’s not about the one who leads but votes garnered. For a sitting president’s party to win by the hair of their balls in the president’s home county, that is a loss no matter how you spin it.

A win is a win, anyways, uhuru won’t be in the ballot, come next year, and WSR has made his point.

Gotta hurt

Mbona President hakufanyia mtu wake campaign??

It’s really hard to understand, what cards Uhuru have under the table, and up his sleeves. Tangatanga have been poking the man for the longest time, but He’s all calm and composed . But He promised them that, they’ll not assume leadership.

uhuru is going nowhere.its in his best interest ruto achukue afew seats in central,then he impeaches him next year na baba akue dp,ithink this will be the cacth for ruto he will not be able to start a tribal revolt against uhuru since he has half if not all support from gema during impeachment period.remember uhuru has an ace under the table courtesy of maraga order to dissolve parliament to achieve 2/3gender rule.if he impeaches parliament he has another five years term unoposed.and since baba will be dp,again no revolt from our royal brothers from the lake,no tribal cards left for both.ithink thats why mk was advised to drop his candidate for kiambaa to let uda win.but being the old mzee kenyattas backgroung it might be aliitle dificult but ibet that is what uhuru want.remember bbi passed with more votes than enough to impeach dp in national assembly.ponder that

Sour grapes. Uhuru and Jubilee invested money and themselves in Kiambaa, that’s never done to lose. They wanted the seat badly

Katiba wewe ulisoma, sijui ni ya wapi.

Yaani you can’t see the obvious?

UHURU is a man beaten and defeated.

His close allies abandoning him should tell you something.

And impeaching WSR is a dream.

So Maraga was UHURU’S card

Aki kweli what they say about drowning men and straws is true

Impeaching the DP is declaring an all out open offense against him, subtle war made him popular.

Imagine what making RAO DP would do to him?

And RAOs biggest mistake was the handshake, becoming DP officially annoints him on ALL of UHURU’S failuree

Agreed. This was a Litmus test for the hustler movement.

Wouldn’t Uhuru dissolving parliament send him home too ?

:smiley: comments here! when dreams are graduating to fantasies, it must be really hurting. I support no side since non is better but uhuru messed it big time to look down on ruto in public. It is was stupid to think he can pull a rao one in central, it was like telling his suppoters to partcipate in a betrayal. Uhuru has no cards left except to wait for his second chance to face ruto again in 2027, he has been outsmarted.

Interesting take, how are Ruto’s mathematics, because Mt. Kenya region must vote for him to a man.

:D:Dkizungu mingi lakin hio umeandika apo juu ni ujinga tuu.

In every region he will get some votes because of this hustler thing and and remember he has a plus for his support of uhuru to presidency. He is an already known candidate for 2022 while his competitor is still unknown because they all seem inadequate to face him. He will become stronger and stronger as uhuru is getting weaker and weaker as his term comes to an end. Uhuru should have treated him indefferently and let people decide but campaigning against him made him popular

As you said he’s the only known candidate as of now, let’s wait and see



Let the excuses come in now:D:D:eek::smiley: but the fact that a sitting president has to put in a lot of effort in his own backyard against a new outfit speaks a lot.
These excuses are from the same people who a few months ago kept denying that muthamaki support in his backyard has been eroded.

UDA beaten like a burukenge. And yet looto needs 85% of Mt Kenya votes to win in 2022. He is finished.


Any analysis can be an analysis but certainly not this madness you have written here.