UDA Women Charter

Who has been following from the beginning to give us what the key points are. I found people living with disabilities representative . I have learnt that hospitals do not have sign language interpters and deaf women go through hell giving birth, they are ignored by nurses. Wow. I didn’t know that hospitals were not deaf friendly. I am shocked. At least I am learning a lot about challenges faced by different women in Kenya.

There are so many women lobby groups. Soipan is reading them now. What I am wondering is what would happen if a presidential candidate who won did not honor the promises that they signed in the women charter or any other charters coz hizi promises ni mingi sana.

Nothing will happen, they’ll just gripe for 5 years until the next general election.

On another note he promised women 50pc of hustler government cabinet slots. Methinks this is a plot to counter Azimio’s choice of woman presidential running mate, but it is advantageous that women have been given prominence in both leading presidential candidates’ plans in forming the next government.