UDA (Uizi Defence Alliance).....system ya majambazi!!!!


Need I say more???

Say no more fam

Unfortunately if waiguru switches sides atakuwa safi kama pamba, so much for hypocrisy! Don’t rationalize it that way

Don’t put words in my mouth. Is she in UDA or not? Well, you know the answer. Why is she feeling safe there? You know the answer too. Satisfied?


That explains this:

Where are the COVID billionaires and who are they supporting ???

Show me a post or anything else supporting the fact that they are supporting Raila.

Just a query ,I’ve not mentioned Raila anywhere.

And where did I say that if Waiguru crosses to the other side will be safi kama pamba? Just a query.

There was a time all those up there were on “the good side” doing “good things” ,now they’ve moved camp and everyone acts like a jilted lover…but ni banana politricks,everyone is entitled to be irked and sling some mud onto the oponent.