UDA Party Primaries

The big day is here. Independent UDA Elections Board have used the last 6 months in meeting the candidates at party HQ and at all counties. Staff recruited and trained. Materials bought and systematically delivered to all polling stations over the last week. 15,000 polling stations, a record for party primaries. Free, fair and verifiable Party primaries. Observers present and an independent elections disputes resolution commission ready in case they are needed. Let’s excise our democracy starting with the party.

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95% of the polling stations are opened and voting underway. The remaining 5% will open by 9am. We overcame the logistical challenges and fuel shortage crisis to deliver materials to all polling stations. Back up systems on standby in case of attempts to sabotage and local rivalry.[ATTACH=full]432511[/ATTACH]

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Look at the nature of this classroom aki ya nani na ni 2022.


Hii iko afadhali. I saw somewhere in Nyanza where they still have mud walled classrooms with bare earth floor


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Elections materials arrival at Elgeiyo Marakwet county last night before distribution. All agents and candidates present.


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Following the unfortunate scenes at one polling station in Embu, the independent UDA elections board dispatched Senator Murkomen to go supervise the party primaries in Embu. He is to supervise all candidates conduct. Agents will also independently supervise the excise. Observers have been asked to be vigil as well.


Praise God it’s raining. A sign of good luck and success for our party