UDA is a cult like red peel and mgtow

As soon as you join UDA, you take leave of your senses. No more critical thinking. You are just a groupie kissing ass. You become brainwashed and you just regurgitate the same vitriol over and over ad nauseum. You are driven by an irrational hatred toward the one person who is behind the freedom of speech you are enjoying. This is why I don’t engage UDA people. Have you ever tried to convince someone to leave a cult? Anyway lemme help you.

  1. A person who has been in government since 2007 whose only achievement is looting and corruption is now telling you how he will make Kenya great again and protect your taxes. How? He has been stealing not just your taxes but even your tokens. Doesn’t it behoves you to check someone’s cv if you are hiring them to do a certain job.

  2. The man is anointed by God? So now God annoints people who burn poor children, women, disabled people and the elderly in a church? So now God will overlook someone who has spent his life fighting for this country, who has forgiven his enemies and anoint someone who is witch hunting the families of the people who helped him get where he is. Moi, Kenyatta and Odinga families. God will anoint an evil despicable man who abuses his wife, abandons his children and buys corrupt money hungry bishops to sanitize him of course using the looted tax payers money which he will supposedly protect once he ascends to higher office. Seriously?

  3. A known land grabber whose insatiable appetite for land will ensure that the land owned by the Kenyatta family and other dynasties will be put into the hands of the hustlers.

  4. A man whose name is synonymous with corruption, draconian rule and tyranny who is buying and luring leaders from other parties something that has never been witnessed before is going to protect democracy and protect a constitution he campaigned against. Are you guys stupid or why can’t you see that we are returning to one party state where the ruling party wants a majority so that they can change the constitution to ensure that this guy stays in office for the rest of his life. Can’t you see that if he can compromise IEBC then he can rig any referendum to change the constitution to his favor.

My fellow Azimio Patriots do not engage this UDA cult members. They’ve lost their minds. For your own sanity steer clear of people who can’t tell you about anything their person has ever achieved and why they hate Baba with a passion. The so called Christians are praying for even his death, fasting and praying. When the Bible says, love your enemy and pray for those who spitefully use you. Insulting an elder when even African culture expects us to respect our elders.

I have highly reconsidered my friendships with people who support UDA bcz even their Christianity isn’t genuine. Number 2, I’m too highly educated to be involved with people who just hate others because of their tribe. If you are still gagging leaders based on tribe, you are not on my level. I don’t need to associate with you least you infect me with your toxicity and primitive backwardness. As the Bible says, bad company corrupts good morals. This election has been a real eye opener to know our political leaders, our friends and associates but most importantly our pastors and the spiritual leaders we blindly sit under in our churches. I’m not saying that you hate UDA supporters or cut them off completely. I am just saying, now you know what type of people you are dealing with. You need to be with people of your intellect, ideals and caliber. Find your tribe and a great place to begin as a progressive person is Mutembei TV on YouTube where you meet patriots from all tribes who support Baba.

UDA cult members who ask why Baba does not steal elections and why Baba does not engage in voter bribery, do not understand high ideals. Such people are political prostitutes who have no principles. How can you expect such people, people who have no scruples and no standards to understand Baba or your admiration for this great man? They just can’t. What they know is propaganda, tribalism, irrational contempt, lack of respect for elders, false prophets who take the Lord’s name in vain and treachery. You what you know is good morals and high standards, the Bible and the teachings of Jesus. Respect for your elders and patriotism. It’s like oil and water so don’t waste your time and energy with people who are lost and confused and brainwashed with a lot of propaganda. They don’t stand for anything like most cults, their allegiance is not based on logic or on ideals. Cults are based on irrational hatred and a common enemy. Enemification of people who have never done you wrong like moslem suicide bombers. Anyone who is different is their enemy. My advice is to keep off from cults and their members. You pray for them to see the truth instead of propaganda.

Psalm 1:1 Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers. But his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night

The issue is not who won but the process.

seeems like its you who is in a cult of odingaism, suffering the same thing you are blaming others…thinking baba is the saviour…

seeems like its you who is in a cult of odingaism, suffering the same thing you are blaming others…thinking baba is the saviour…

UDA is too devilish.

Festus kiptoo unasumbua sasa!!!