UDA hacking center

William exposed…

DEVELOPING STORY: The DCI officers raids an office on Transnational Bank House (along City Hall Way) believed to be the nerve centre of the UDA-IEBC-Venezuelans.

Several Computers, Two Private Servers and more election materials carried away for Forensic Analysis…

It turns out that William Ruto has already set up a complete hacking centre from where a team of hackers are expected in collusion with IEBC officials to gain access to the IEBC servers and install a voting algorithm in his favor.

We urge DCI to keep vigilance. STOP THE THIEF! Walichokoza nyuki!!!

Mkubwa leta sources

leta source Mrembo.


thanks for the link, but, those pics don’t add up. pic 1 is a residential place, pic 2 looks like an office under some construction , pic 3 and 4 are taken inside, and it’s hard to tell if it’s in the same space.
let’s wait and see if another source will come up.
star has it too.


Its impossible to steal elections. Kura inafanyika kwa polling station, ile hesabu itakuwa declared hapo ndio final. Polling station iko na watu 600. Wacheni ku complicate vitu.


Capote rudi jikoni like your fellow women wachana na mambo ya siasa

I don’t understand this technology stories when it comes to elections. We don’t have an electronic voting system, it’s an electronic voter identification system. Form 34A is the more important piece in our election. These hacking bla bla stories I feel are very removed from our reality.

If you had a hacker on your side, how would you benefit yet voting, counting is manual and the forms are transmitted to the tallying centre physically

Transmission to the IEBC national tally center, that’s where forged forms will be uploaded from ITumbi servers.

The order of chaos

But still Chebukati relies on the physical forms which have to be received from the returning officer

You’re asking Ojinga’s to THINK. Good Luck.

Naona kichwa yako ni Mkebe wa kushikilia Ulimi
manipulating results is very easy as long as you have access to the system

lakini si bado kuna makaratasi zimesigniwa na BIC ?
kukiwa na utatanishi wana compare na paper forms

Ojinga, kojoa ulale.

Sasa umepayuka na end of day ni toaster, microwave na PIV imepatikana, mtaambia nini watu? WHo said even voting is electronic? Tulieni, tena sana… Mburukenge is going to Bondo at 6.00 in the morning. Hakuna kuhepa

REsults are found in form 34A- A physical piece of paper. It is only transmitted electronically kama picha…But an Ojinga like you na kabat ya kutengeneza mate na kushikilia meno on top of a neck wouldn’t know.wld you?

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