UDA development:Moses Kuria threatens to dump Ruto for Azimio

@Soprano ambia @Circledot ama @Berlin Oxford apatie wewe mapua umwage ndani

He can flip from calling Raila kîhîî, an old teary dog and kama ni choo ni choo to pledging his loyalty to him in a matter of seconds! Our politicians for you! They never disappoint.

What happened to our @spear with his insider updates?… :D:D:D

Hehehe… UDA - politics of conmanship and deceit.

Achana na hio parrot meffi

Tangu mboga yake imwagiwe hot porridge kwa mudomo na Jowie ilibidi akue mpole

August bado mbali…watch this space.

Wacha akae Kenya Kwisha. Azimio doesn’t UDA rejects like Moses Kuria.

Ushuhuda iliisha.


Kuria is a spent force…I honestly have no idea how this guy managed to reduce his popularity in Mt kenya faster than his boss uhuru. He will trail badly in that kiambu race

A house of cards tumbling down

when he started being a water melon after he came back from hospital he became irrelevant, he started feeling so important… then Ruto and Raila ignored him… same with Kabogo… walikuwa double agents

The only relevant watermelon I know is Kalonzo. Maybe he overestimated his popularity and abilities

All political formations in Kenya are houses of cards. What happens to this one also happens to the other one in exactly the same manner. After 5 years players change sides where erstwhile enemies become friends while friends become sworn enemies. Another 5 years and everything is repeated again.

Hizo zake huwa ni moto ya makaratasi

@spear ni mafiiii