UDA chased from both Kasarani and Nyayo Stadium

  1. Ruto angejenga the 5 stadiums he had promised, hakungekuwa na hizi shida zenye zinamkumba.

  2. This is state capture. Akiingia he should deal decisively with the minions


Idiotic for a civil servant to be loyal to an outgoing president!
When (not if) Ruto deals with such after next month they have nobody but themselves to blame!!

awe loyal to an outgoing Deputy president?

Waende wakafanye meeting yao kwa Dams za Arror na Kimwerer

akafanyie kamariny

afanyie wote

Whatever Ruto is going through now, Raila went though it many years ago. Anyway let us embrace the state

Awe neutral and just ever heard of that?
Anyway Uhuru after 9 August will NEVER ever be in power while Ruto has a very high chance even if not now in the future!