UDA Chairman Muthama amemalisa looto - says he is unfit to lead

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Wapi mask? Bila mask io ni video imepitwa na wakati

a day in politics is a a long time. Unye alikuwa anaita Rao mganga saa hii anampea bj’s

If you watched Moses Kuria on citizen tv Jana usiku ya can tell he knows who Ruto is and unless you put him in check he can become worse dictator than moi.
That is why he wants everyone to join him at UDA ndio awanyoroshe.
Mungu halali. Thank you Mozes Kuria for exposing this dude. Get well soon.

I always tell people. Moses Kuria is one of the sharpest politicians we have, hata kama ni mlevi.


haiwezi pitwa na wakati facts of a human being touching on his humanity are eternity clauses on a human beings constitution according to the natural law school of thought i learned in the Jurisprudence unit.

Jirongo swore Ruto strangled a man to death , here we see UDA chaiman confess Ruto is a robber . we cant risk Kenya with such a thug

Gatundu South Member of Parliament (MP) Moses Kuria has once again openly castigated Deputy President William Ruto’s bid for the presidency.
In an interview with a local media station on Sunday, November 7, Kuria expressed fear of Ruto’s presidency, stating that the country would not be in safe hands under the leadership of its current second-in-command. He further stated that Ruto’s presidency would be an imperial one – a presidency that relies on powers beyond those allowed by the constitution, which is the biggest problem the country faces.


Deputy President William Ruto (left) with Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria

“People are asking in whose hands are we safe. We are not safe with Ruto,” he stated.

Kuria did not spare the other presidential leaders including Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader, Raila Odinga, stating that all of them were vile.


“We are not safe with Raila, I am not boarding,” the Gatundu South legislator stated.

The vocal MP further stated all the presidential candidates posed danger to the country, and that they would need a neutralising factor in the form of a running mate.

When asked about Narc Kenya party leader Martha Karua, whom he has held several meetings with, Kuria revealed that he also had his reservations about her.

“Whatever I say, about Martha Karua, you cannot say she is my cup of tea,” he remarked.

Kuria is not the only ally of the Deputy President who has, in one way or another, expressed doubts over the DP.


Kuweni wajanja, chagueni lile jitu litawakula, kabla mnyimwe io choice.