Uchumi in trouble once again

Should the same be said of inefficient coffee and tea manufacturers in Central Kenya that are constantly involved in wrangles with farmers?

There’s no economic loss. These companies/parastatals just enrich a few thousand people at the expense of 40million. They don’t make profit so no taxes.

What if the money is used to buy dialysis machines? how much better it would be to save lives and empower the sick to be fully productive!

Thousands will be jobless, but then it isn’t right just to be working if it is not contributing to the economy in a positive manner. If KQ goes down, Lufthansa will expand operations in Kenya and recruit the ex- KQ guys. If Mumias goes down, the guys may just unleash their business acumen by importing sugar.

Same thing I see in JKUAT trying to make a laptop that costs double its competition, and that’s bila taxes and shipping. We should identify our strong areas and develop them fully, mot just going the route of first world countries who have several advantages over us.

As an example, why can’t we feed the world with beef from NE counties and potatoes from kinangop? The A in JKUAT stands for agriculture, and comes before T!


BTW, the coffee sector was almost back on its legs two yrs ago, until the govt poked its ass into the sector.


Lets just say we need brains, en so far we’ve had none. In this context i’ve just thought of our past past national coach of harambee stars, Fabish. He made us qualify for African cup of nations. What if he’s still here this day?

Fabisch made us qualify for AFCON? Really?

Kenyans do well in athletics coz its mainly an individual sport. No teamwork, no (not much) tactics, just endurance and hard work. Otherwise for games that require tactics, skill, technique, we’ll never make it coz we are nowhere near what it takes. Poor preparation, poor management, poor facilities, lack of skills etc etc
The 2004 harambee stars were an exception

Yeah. And it was Ghost Mulei that took the team there. We need homegrown solutions for many challenges that we face.

hahahaha…this is child abuse

Quite on point…Technology wise we are still lagging behind.we should try our luck in Agriculture…maybe

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…and the Wizard of Turnarounds Jonathan Ciano faces the sack!

He overstayed his welcome. He should have quit while he was still on top.

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