Sad she seemed so full of lifeā€¦

sasa hapo sioni uchawi hiyo ni uchoyo

Huyo kama ange cross paths na @Ka-Buda life ingekua na enough drama to be bored to death.

thts what happens when you have no goal in life: if she had one or two kids, things would have been differentā€¦

pics hide feelings and emotionsā€¦smile covers them all.

Huyu alikuwa na depression ama some other form of mental illness.


Hakuna uchawi hapo.

In the Western world it is very easy to end up depressed and feeling isolated. Everyone kinda minds their own business and donā€™t stop to ask if you are ok. Many people put on fronts. Thatā€™s why they have fake smiles which disappear as soon as you pass them. Itā€™s very important to care for your own mental health.

The irony of life is that she is just one among the many who feel the same despite all their lifeā€™s achievementsā€¦i totally agree with one villager who sed `` if she had one or two kids, things would have been differentā€¦ā€˜ā€™

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Episodes of bipolar and depression coupled with loneliness sio mchezo. there was a thread here on bipolar,many are unknowingly suffering from it.

Wapi link mkubwa