Ubonoboste Behind SIM Registration

As you are all aware, I never registered my SIM and as expected our will prevailed by another 60 days. The ubonoboste lies here, Telkom Kenya is now 1000% owned by GoK and with a measly 3.42M subscribers as of June 22, and a further measly 40% compliance rate, meaning only 1.3M people are holding it up, and even with that number is a secondary SIM. How does this even make Telkom Kenya solvent or a going concern in any way shape or form? Si hii Telkom ni KQ us mobile providers. Will need to be budgeted for annual bailouts kama ibada.

Don mix issues. Why have you not registered your sim kabla uongee ya Telkom??

You’ll just have to register eventually.

Mbio za sakafuni huishia wapi wadau

Personally, I am not a pussy to be ordered around ovyo ovyo. When buying a sim card, I registered it. Provided my ID and passport, why would fuckers need the same info again? Why?? What happened to the initial data? I am not registering. Na pia sikuchukua hujuma number. Na pia sikuchukua vaccine. Na pia gari haina airbags. I die like a real man. This is Sparta!!!

That is what you said time ya huduma number na kofid naindin. Bado tuko tuu hapa. Let the worst happen as it happened with huduma number and vaccine ya sumu.

I fail to see the need to

They said that on Sunday, and on Monday voila anatha extension as expected

Mlevi1 shafted us even during the last minutes

sita register

Sita register ya Telkom.

This thing has mass surveillance written all over it. It’s not a money making exercise like Covid or a scheme to sell data to corporations like Huduma. Note how the government itself including the CAK have been very quiet, it’s the telecoms guys bombarding you with messages. Why? And why is the civil society silent as well? Quite strange don’t you think? This one won’t be avoided. They will extend the timeline but you’ll have to do it eventually.

Let me tell you what the strategy is, tell people to register, remind them often then create a sense of urgency to capture a first group, then do the same round 2, calorie capture even more and scare them by temporarily disabling their number to create even more fear, but give them a way about they can still register. This will scare enough peepo to register give them a window until about 95-96‰ register give a last warning before permanent disabling when it’s just a small number not registered. Small enough to not affect revenue.

:D:D:D:D Na kukula coomer I bet unakula raw pia

I have boundaries.

Wacha kutuuzia uoga. We have been here before with several such threats and innuendos. Halafu you are retarded to think that the govt needs one to register afresh to enable surveillance. Halafu what strategic importance does mass surveillance of peasant fishermen in nyalguga or lanye eaters in SJ serve to the govt?

You are not a true Spartan then


The telcos will lobby on our behalf. Watatupigania. Ni kampuni gani hio mjinga itafungia half of its customers nje just because some busybodies in govt said so?

I’m not selling anything, it’s clear you’re afraid for your own reasons. Anyway let’s compare notes when the new deadline comes to an end.