Hello, networking gurus who can elaborate how ubiquity devices work?
How can I apply them in my plot to distribute Internet?

Which product?
They range from routers switches to access points. Aka nano station
How big is your plot?

It’s a 6 storey building. Which devices should i use?
Plus best data plans, is liquid telecom good?
Thank you

Am guessing that the network is already there. You will be needing access points
Unifi access points will do.

Otherwise you need to elaborate more on what you are looking for. Will be happy to help

Unifi access points if owned by liquid telecom?

What are you looking for?
Unifi is independent and you can get it from any network equipment reseller. Bandwidth you can get from liquid.

Looks like you might need help in the. Onfig too
Is the internet required on different floors?

Yes. Every house

Do you need to do the whole network including the LAN?