Uasin gishu

UASIN GISHU County Assembly passes a motion forcing supermarkets to provide alternative and free carrier bags following plastic bags ban.

this is now positive move si mambo ya people’s assembly

Mwenye alileta motion ni supplier?

incidental cost of putting goods in a delivarable state i.e packaging is borne by the seller…has that changed?

Nilisoma Mahali where people are so reasonable they they carry their own bags to supermarket and give it to the packing guy. Go home, empty the bag and then next shopping uses the same bags again. Now the supermarket owners don’t have to charge them for bags and they save the environment. Is it possible hapa?


Wapi huko?

Alah. Thats what I do. I have madam carry the bag.

kwani when they used to package using polythene bags walikua wanapackage on what grounds?

Ata ukicatch that’s on you. My statement was supposed to reflect how some individuals will argue.

Kila mahali. Those bags are reusable for a reason.

IMO it doesn’t male sense to have supermarket provide bags when it’ meant to be reused.

i carry mine…when i remember…

I always forget my carrier bag until i reach the counter then …aaargh!! nanua ingine

The new law has made impulse buying an impossibility because carrying unga wa Ugali (Is it unga wa or unga ya?) is cumbersome if you don’t have a bag with you.

If all Kenyans can do this , then one cartel ring will flop.

supermarket zimeanza ujinga , watupatie bag free

Goods bought on impulse ziko pale next kwa till.

That’s a massive marketing opportunity waiting to be exploited. If as a supermarket you can find a manufacturer to produce paper bags cheaply (look at how cheap Kenyan envelopes are), with a cost that doesn’t squeeze the profit margin much (e.g. 1c / bag), you could undercut your competitors vibaya. You could also offer the cloth bags for sale like everybody else.

No marketing study to quote but ‘spur of the moment’ purchases are a healthy % of total sales.
Thinking aloud.

Its soo annoying,unaeda super unabuy vitu za 5k. But after ushalipa cashier you have to buy a bag. we’ll move hope other counties will learn from this.

Don’ worry at the beginning it’s tough then soon everyone will be accustomed to it .

I used to complain why we need to buy the bags, until I moved to where people carry/buy the bags and package for themselves. Hakuna mtu wa kupack…cashier anakuuzia halafu unajipanga.
I believe it is a matter of self-drive. We can re-use the bags.

upusss ya Germany usituleteee