Uasin Gishu residents kill cheetah

A cheetah is one of the most harmless cats but these goons decided to kill it and skin it. What lack of civility is this?

Altogether where are the wild animals lately invading that place coming from.Recently there was a lion which killed several of their cattles

Maybe from a nearby game reserve

Is there any game reserve around the place?I dont think so but i stand to be corrected

What about a nearby forest?

Wouldnt be surprised here,some dumbfukcs almost killed a serval cat after they were sure it was a leopard :D:D:D

Tell that to a village peasant who has lost cattle to some wild animals.

Kuna waria flan waliikimbiza pale Wajir wakaishika wakaifungia probox wakairudishia KWS.
But this cat never deserved this humiliation

Cheetah hua humbled babae

Cheetah is a polite cat , never killed a human in recorded history


Pale Maasai Mara huwa hata zinapanda hizo tourist vans juu ama ndani kugotea tourists… KWS iko karibu kutoa statement.

Do lions and cheetahs live in forests ?

Hawa ndio wakiambiwa election imekkuwa rigged, wanachoma kanisa.

When we call them bonobos, wengine hapa wanalalamika

hiyo ngozi I hope they’re not keeping it,otherwise wakipatwa wataitana

KWS ought to start educating us on our wild animals, sio mambo ya kungoja mzungu atoke majuu , alafu tuone pale kwa TV.

Hii kitu is possible I rear it pale ghetto as a pet.

No they live in a bush kama wewe.