UAP building opens

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Ideally located at the heart of the Upper Hill financial district, UAP Tower on Upper Hill road marks a new milestone in the evolution of the Nairobi skyline. PHOTO | SALATON NJAU

By BRIAN NGUGI @bngugi [email protected]

Posted Monday, July 4 2016 at 14:46

Kenya’s highest building, the UAP Old Mutual Tower, officially opened for business on Monday with 50 per cent subscription despite earlier fears of over-supply.

Britam Towers is the tallest building in Kenya, but UAP Towers is the highest by virtue of being on a higher ground.

The management said the 163m high, 33-storey development located in the upmarket commercial district of Upper Hill is 50 per cent taken-up.

“The take-up rate of the development is currently about 50 per cent,” UAP- Old Mutual Group Managing Director in charge of Asset Management Patricia Kiwanuka told Business Daily.

It is offering for lease 300,000 square feet of Grade A office space and 25,000 square feet of retail space.

Demand by foreign investors seeking to make Nairobi their base of Africa operations has boosted the office space market.

The company, Ms Kiwanuka said, is in advanced discussions with other interested tenants to fill up the remaining office space whose minimum offering has been capped at a minimum space of 3000 square feet. The building has been completed over a five year period at a cost of Sh4 billion.


Why is it that it is only banks and insurance firms that are constructing glitzy HQs

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Hii inafanana na Empire State Building without the sphere


are you sure?

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I’m not sure! I thought it was 31 storeys!

I thought Times tower was the tallest with 36 floors

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Usiangalie floors, angalia height in metres.


which is the tallest?

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Britam ikiisha. Saa hii ni UAP

Sphere gani tena mzee?

Sorry. Osungu dll kidogo. Hiyo kitu konda imepoint juu. Nimegoogle inaitwa spire. :D:D:D

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UAP and TIMES TOWERS both have the same number of floors, its only that the former has a taller mast. now both of the towers are ranked as one of the tallest in sub Saharan Africa only rivaled by south Africas tallest which stands at 55 storeys


color booooring

Nikiweka spire mrefu kwa nyumba yangu, hata kama ni chuma ya aerial nitakuwa na highest building in Kenya?

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UAP and TIMES TOWER both have 33 floors

Tell me when it closes

unless the spire is a hundred or so metres tall