UA shoes 100|pdpZoomDesktop&scl=0.50&fmt=jpg&qlt=85&resMode=sharp2&cache=on,off&bgc=f0f0f0&rect=0,0,1836,1950&$p_pos=475,480&$p_size=950,950&extendN=0,0,0,0&$p_src=is{Underarmour/1293035-001_DEFAULT}


Iko .

imestand! how much?

100 bob

inanunuliwa wapi

Ati 100 Bob wapi ?

Hizi tuliachia wale bila mwelekeo maishani.

Online from their site, at least 100usd…

funny how some villagers react negatively to trainers,sneakers and sports apparell by equating them to juvenility ama ‘kukosa mwelekeo maishani’ (how does that even relate?) either ni peasant manenos ju most of them ziko above paygrade na kaugali kako juu ama waligongwa wakanunua za shaina,or the fact that ziko tagged to keeping fit,sports or fashion which lacks in them so its just plain envy,you know yourselves

nitafutie sneakers steel toe nivae kwa muhindi

Oh another one.sorry dude can’t relate to that.people wear steel toes? shait i saw one last in '98!!! GTFO!!!

Umewahi ona ochitthunder akicomment things in attempt to ‘lower’ others.

Wengine tu ni bitters

Budget yako should be at the same range , 100usd hizi legit shoes don’t come cheap, I’m currently using CAT, composite toe . Boot like , tembelea website, or else gikosh, you wont miss it…

It doesn’t make sense, equating to being immature, considering the post doesn’t even come out as obsessive .

You don’t make sense, considering the post doesn’t even come out as obsessiveness to shoes. It’s just a good shoe shared.

under armour has really good wears shida ni kuzipata huku

@ochithunder is a very special fella, very humble guy yet well kept. I really look up to him as my mentor.

Sasa unasema nini?