TZ Wana Makufuli Lakini Hawafungiwi, Kenya Tuna Uhuru Lakini Tunafungiwa

Corona is a scum.

I thought it would wipe out the political class permanently since they have alot of opportunic diseases like okimwi, cancer and syphilis but the way they are alive and looting with impunity I doubt if corona affects blacks in the first place.
They few deaths witnessed are from pneumonia and other respiratory complications

so corona is not dangerous…

Seeing Neanderthals with masks nowadays amuses me, it’s just a matter of time before they realize they were fooled!!
Corona might/not be there…I don’t give a fuck!!
Meanwhile here in Arusha game ya simba vs namungo FC
Yanga day pale daresalaam, multitudes of people living without fear of “monsters”…

Yanga today

Nice play on words hapo kwa title.