TZ vs Kenyan men

There is a hot debate about why the Mdees left good careers to be kept women or housewives. Most were saying that TZ men can romance a woman until she denies her own parents kipetero kiyesu. But they warned Kenyan women against trying that at home coz wanaume wa Kenya ni magaidi. I don’t support TZ men bcz I firmly believe that a chimpanzee is a chimpanzee, it doesn’t matter if they fell from the sky. Tabia ni zile zile. Let me copy paste the some of the replies. LOL.

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Kwani your meru chimpanzee of a father raped you? What price do you put on an old meru cunt like yours? It is obvious no man wants you.

Copy paste utumie your fellow omena clit holder @Finest_wine


Osha kunyi. Usije ukachafua gari za wenyewe ukipewa lift


Truman Capote typing this

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Maliseeni iyo maraya msee kabisa


Funny coz your dad is begging to eat my poosie every weekend even when I tell him I’m on the rag. Hii issue ya no man wants you, what exactly does a chimpanzee wanting you translate to? Umpanulie daily after you get to bed tired to the bone, umzalie, ukunywe pills za family planning that are a class 1 carcinogen like asbestos, Google the word I know it’s not in your low IQ vocabulary. Then muende 50/50 or 70/30. Next thing is nichukulie loan. Next he’s impregnated the mbotch. Next HIV.

Its just like going to zoo and a chimpanzee tells you, no chimpanzees want you. Si utacheka tuu?

Monkey kaa wewe ata unipe kidney I won’t touch it coz you prolly HIV infested.

On that high note. Lemme block you. So that I can help you in not wanting me. I need you to want me so bad that I’m going to block you FOREVER urudi ile forest ulitoka nugu hii.

The only TZ man that Makena can allow inside her pussy is an albino

Unajidishi hapa proper. LMFAOO


Malaya muzee nikama umejam sana? Old meru cunts are not exactly a fast moving consumer goods. You obviously would like us to think the sun shines out of your old wrinkled cunt, but you only succeed in sounding desperate. You must have been badly hurt by a man.


Truman ni ugly kushinda uso ya nzi.


Before I lost your dad’s number he was eating my pundesh like nobody’s business and telling me how your mother looks like a cross of a warthog and a Columbus monkey. Usiniletee machungu za your mother. None of my bfs your father included is complaining. Sasa wewe ni nani? See your mothers face first coz babako anaumia. Pili pili usioila…

Maraya msee you have completely lost it…lack of a good black dick shagging is making you loose it… Mbwaaaa

You have one?

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She has one but it is an old meru leathery cunt that smells like her father’s green miraa-filled mouth. She is on record admitting her father is a black chimpanzee.

Actually I have 3 that’s why your dad is so addicted. Ama unatafuta tranny nikulink?



this is you now. but you are fatter

Ile matusi iko hapa…

So you were asking me if I have a vagina so that I can feel bad? Now it’s about fatness. Sasa if I block you who will you be dumping your stresses on? What is the real reason behind your crackiness coz I know it ain’t my good genes and looks. Si utoke town ukuje shags? It gets hard to have bad moods when the birds are chirping and the pine air is crisp and fresh. OK. You can insult me one last time before I block you. Let me go eat some fatty goat rib just the way I like it. The aroma is beconing my fatness. LOL. Please forgive me for being fat. I am about to chow down some serious choma but naona you do not like that but I am sorry. I am sorry that mwili yangu inakusumbua coz your dad can’t get enough of my three poosies. LOL.

Hapa tackles zenye zinatembea hapa zimeenda chuo kikuu!

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