TZ Takes on Kenya with Ksh 271bn SGR Link to DRC

Huyu mumama hataki mchezo, Magafuli angekua hii maendeleo haingekua.
Lakini pia hii ina kaa black mail na wachinku, Kenya inge patiana conditions pia… 20 years hakuna kujengea jirani SGR
Iko mchezo ina chezwa na sio mzuri kabisa

Tz is the future . If you are in kenya ,think of investing in tz .

With good governance… Hapa wako miles ahead.

Kenya iko sawa,we can leverage Congo and Western Africa market , Tanzania can’t tap the later market

vile T255 amesema, ni ukweli

Mpaka mtakapoamka tutakuwa tumefika South Sudan. Endeleeni na ego yenu sisi Tanzania tunasonga mbele.

Tunawapenda lakini. Thanks for your utulivu while am in dar and arusha!

If I want to buy properties kama apartments in tz and I am a kenya is it possible ? Procedures ni gani

Possible nitakutis am driving

@Ngimanene na matharo still think that trucks are the future?
@Titty Twister @G_Mwaura if Ruto is serious on matters trade, the SGR to Kisumu should have been done like yesterday. He’s Museveni’s friend, why not have Uganda do the same so we can all benefit.
It’s not rocket science.
In the same vein, why not use Lake Victoria for trade and tourism between the three states?

These things are not rocket science.

If Moses is up to the task as @Karoga intimated to us, we shouldn’t be allowing politics in matters to do with our economy.
Why decide to shift operations back to mombasa when it’s obvious that naivasha served juba well? It’s only after juba calls our bullshit that we revert silently.
Let’s stop gambling. Let’s stop petty politics. Put professionals in charge FFS.

Sgr as currently constituted is best served from Mombasa,naivasha can only work for goods bound for nakuru and Western Kenya
Transferring goods to naivasha then Nairobi,machakos etc is stupid and time wasting activity

The SGR as constituted has massive potential. It’s stupid to allow Tanzania link to DRC first.
If Tanzania link to DRC and then successfully construct the Bagamoyo Port then we can kiss any advantage mombasa has goodbye. Because for one, we have already lost on the tourism side.
Goods bound for areas like Juba make sense if they are picked at Naivasha. It’s senseless to have infrastructure in place and then move to leave it idle.

We should be deep into negotiations with DRC and potential financiers. Uhuru(&Ruto) messed up with the SGR, let’s hope Ruto can correct their mess.

Where Kenya will get money to construct SGR again?

The market is big for everyone.
In fact, Kenya should focus on linking its SGR from Mombasa to Dar Es Salaam.
The Naivasha railway should be extended into Uganda.

If EAC leaders play smart, we could have an SGR railway linking all East countries. Like what they’ve done in EU. Alafu tuweke open borders.

Lakini Omwafrika akona scarcity mentality hawezi ona the bigger picture.

Kenya has money.
All it takes is minimizing wastage and plugging in any deficiencies with sustainable funding.

Which wastage of money should be minimized?

EAC leaders have the chance to play smart with lake Victoria first.
Never have I seen such a resource going to waste.

The DRC one is a WIP that I feel will take at least a decade to even feel its effects. But it’s a huge promise on AfCFTA if it’s to be implemented.
Rail is the future for Africa.

Wakenya mkiacha ego ndio tutaweza shirikiana. But kwa sasa kila mtu aende kivyake.

Tanzania are bitting more than they can chew. There is a reason why maghufuli was reluctant to undertake such project

Says a country with debt/gdp approaching 110%