TZ sgr

East africa yasonga mbele

They still haven’t found a financier months after the launch.

I thought this is fresh from TZ, kwani ni historia?


I only see a billboard and renders and no rail

Hapo watanzania walibebwa ufala kidogo. I’m yet to hear/read of any electric train that hauls serious cargo. Niwekwe sawa lakini…

They are borrowing money from any president who happens to visit their miserable country

Hilarious and petty fellows is what they are. They were planning on importing electricity from Ethiopia via somalia


:D:D:D Aki ya Ngai.


Ati kii…hehehe Sooomaliya sasa?

not true. the line will pass through 254 and also meant to benefit Kenya

So, they expect favors from Kenya, but happy to slice 254 when it comes to deals? Watumie to Zoomalia route:D:D:D

the line will carry 2000MW from Gibe dam. it’s also supposed to power our sgr from 2019

Hii kitu hunijazz

Chinaman alitaka kuwapatia $7b na wajenge hiyo reli wakakataa.

Hapa ndipo Ethiopians wata take off economically

Oh! Vipi Tena, kwasababu hawana walalamishi, yaani wale wanaojichukia?

Wakaamua kutafuta Turkeyman:D:D:D

Those guys have massive minerals that I don’t think any African country has. Just that they haven’t started serious mining. Thought you should know