TZ Plans To Halt Maize Exports To Kenya Just Like Indonesia Stopped Cooking Oil Exports

You are an idiot or you dont have eyes to see maendeleo uhuru ameleta. We will forever remember Uhuru and be grateful to him as we use the infrastructure he has put for us. I know your hate and that of takatakas stems from uhurus decision not to hand over power to your thieving jambaz. Just like we praise judges for putting thieves into prison, we should praise uhuru for putting the country on the correct path by not supporting huyo mwisi.

Here are just a few of the many projects mtukufu Rais has compeleted:

-800km SGR from mombasa to suswa.
-Southern bypass
-Western bypass
-expanded eastern bypass
-Nairobi expressway
-Westlands - rironi road
-Waiyaki way to nyari link road
-Langata-ngong rd link road
-24 brand new hospitals in nairobi
-Lamu port
-200km Lamu-garsen brand new road
-400km garsen - garrisa road
-700km brand new isiolo-moyale road
-400km lodwar - south sudan road
-500km mau mau roads
-Free primary and secondary education
-TVET colleges
-Huduma centres
-85% rural electrification
-6 undersea high speed internet cables
-Kenyans 1st satellite to space
-Thiba dam
-Karimenu dam
-Thakwe dam
-tarmacking roads and putting sewer lines in all estates in eastlands eg kasarani, mwiki, zimmerman, umoja, dandora, tassia, pipeline etc
-New berths at mombasa port
-Isiolo international airport
-Garissa army barracks
-Likoni floating bridge
-Ndongo kundu bypass
-200,000 affordable houses
10,000 km of btrand new tarmacked roads

  • nairobi light rail
    -nairobi nanyuki rail
    -nairobi - kisumu rail service
    -kisumu port
    -Mombasa and kisumu ship yards and new ships
    -lamu navy barracks
    et etc etc

The projects Uhuru has completed are too many to fit in one thread. Uhuru amefanya kazi buana.

I’m willing to bet that almost every one of those projects you’ve mentioned has money siphoned to an entity connected to him.

Yaani wameiba Hadi kukakua na Shortage ya Dollars. That in itself means Hizi pesa mnapewa na IMF and others, a significant portion actually doesn’t end up in the country.

What he has done is akin to a Ponzi scheme. It’s a house of cards and it will fall when you won’t be able to pay your debts and the economy will be plunged into a recession. Whatever projects you are seeing you’ll pay double for it…

Government bot inakazana kujustify ujinga

If there was any doubt of this guy’s IQ today the record has been set straight

The only debts we will default and refuse to pay are those stolen by jambaz. Alikula peke yake kwa hivo Alipe mwenyewe.


Kenya has blocked dozens of trucks ferrying maize from Tanzania over quality concerns even as the country grapples with dwindling stocks and skyrocketing prices of the commodity.

The maize shortage in the country has seen flour prices rise from $1.40 to about $2 for a two-kilogramme packet within a week, as millers slashed production by half.

But at the Namanga, Holili and Lunga Lunga border crossings with Tanzania, the dispute on the quality of the grain has maize-laden trucks in the queue, awaiting clearance into Kenya.

According to Kenyan government officials, the Tanzanian exporters lack phytosanitary certificates, hence the quality and safety of the commodity cannot be ascertained. But Tanzanian Agriculture Minister Hussein Bashe dismissed the claims terming them insincere and unjust, saying Tanzania supplies quality grain, “even to the World Food Programme.”

Mr Bashe accused Kenya of undermining a number of bilateral trade agreements and the EAC Market Protocol, leading to standoff at the border crossings.

Kenya, in a note to border crossing managers, has called for fidelity to the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) and the World Trade Organisation agreement on sanitary and phytosanitary regulations.

“Kenya has been importing food products such as maize, avocado and others for which Tanzania has been acquiring special export certificates according to IPPC, but we are shocked by how Kenya is treating our products, causing them to get stuck at the border,” the minister said at Namanga crossing this week.