TZ Plans To Halt Maize Exports To Kenya Just Like Indonesia Stopped Cooking Oil Exports

Shamba ya 1 Million Ha in Galana has equipment vandalized even during the time when the farm was being managed by Israelis, corrupt Kenyans still hampered smooth operations. Maize developed aflatoxins due to bureaucracy. The experts gave up and left.

2KG flour saa hii iko above 200 Bob na bado itapanda. Tunaelekea Venezuela way. Expect crime to skyrocket

Kwani kenyan maize growers went on strike or what? Interesting because wherever you travel throughout the country, farmers have maize in their fields.

Cartels my friend

Can anyoje name one single thing that Uhuru’s government has handled competently in the last 10 years?

Yes. The level of corruption is unmatched by previous administrations. That, his administration did very completely…

There family business are stronger than ever and he is building a multi billion KSHS city Kwa shamba ya mamake pale ruiru by pass

Meanwhile bonobos wanatakarudisha Jicho nyanya PM via BBI Agosti…Wazimu-hio

Economy expanded over 400%. When he took over in 2013, the economy of his family was worth 1.3T. Now it’s worth 5.1T

Mbillionaire s tuko na mashamba na vyakula vya kutosha,a bag of potatoes is going for 3k farm gate price,naangalia packers wakiload magunia kwa FH and I have a big,bigggg smile

He has increased the national debt tenth fold.

Gunia ya mahindi utaniuzia ngapi. Heri ni fuel G wagon unileteee maindi.

Mahindi ya 90 kgs ni 3800 farm gate price,G wagon weka 8 k fuel

1 tusker beer or balozi is 200 bob kwa pub. You just have to reduce your weekly beer intake by just one beer and buy unga hio ya 200 bob. Muwuache kunugunika while kila weekend mnachafua meza na tusker and even buying beer for kungurus and strangers you barely know then mnaenda nyumbani to complain about high unga prices.

Sawa elder huwezi ni wekea kwa tulaga ama nyar ugenya.

  1. Tatu city
  2. Northlands project.
  3. Brookside monopoly status
    …ziko mob ni wewe hauji


They should eat cake, eh?

All the scandals happened 2013-2017 and were master minded by jambaz eg arrorrr dam, KPLC faulty transformers, kul;alu galana under his appointed minister for irrigation, eurobond under Rotich, echesa fake arms deals etc. Infact in the first term, Harambe house annex where his office is was being referred to as the HQ of corruption. Vile alitimuliwa corruption went down drastically. In the second term, It is only governors who have been stealing eg Obado 2.5 billion and their cases are in courts.

This is pedestrian thinking and very low IQ, base your reasoning around economy, all you could think of is Margaret private parts?

Here are just a few of the many projects mtukufu Rais has compeleted:

-800km SGR from mombasa to suswa.
-Southern bypass
-Western bypass
-expanded eastern bypass
-Nairobi expressway
-Westlands - rironi road
-Waiyaki way to nyari link road
-Langata-ngong rd link road
-24 brand new hospitals in nairobi
-Lamu port
-200km Lamu-garsen brand new road
-400km garsen - garrisa road
-700km brand new isiolo-moyale road
-400km lodwar - south sudan road
-500km mau mau roads
-Free primary and secondary education
-TVET colleges
-Huduma centres
-85% rural electrification
-6 undersea high speed internet cables
-Kenyans 1st satellite to space
-Thiba dam
-Karimenu dam
-Thakwe dam
-tarmacking roads and putting sewer lines in all estates in eastlands eg kasarani, mwiki, zimmerman, umoja, dandora, tassia, pipeline etc
-New berths at mombasa port
-Isiolo international airport
-Garissa army barracks
-Likoni floating bridge
-Ndongo kundu bypass
-200,000 affordable houses
10,000 km of btrand new tarmacked roads

  • nairobi light rail
    -nairobi nanyuki rail
    -nairobi - kisumu rail service
    -kisumu port
    -Mombasa and kisumu ship yards and new ships
    -lamu navy barracks
    et etc etc

The projects Uhuru has completed are too many to fit in one thread. Uhuru amefanya kazi buana.

The dude is very incompetent, after he has retired he will be full of regrets, he is one of the presidents I would like to forget about quickly